You are welcome to the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. The issue of Marketing and Supply Chain impacts on every sphere of our lives being an individual, corporate body or a nation.  Each one of us is a consumer of multiple items of value created and supplied by businesses organisations. Marketing and supply chain activities are critical to the profitability, growth, competitiveness and survival of small, medium and large businesses. Currently, profitability of a business is not only defined in terms of accounting or economic gain, but also how organisations preserve the planet by engaging in sustainable production practices (green business and marketing). The phase of supply chain and marketing continue to evolve due to technological advancement, globalization and consumer sophistication. Technology and science continue to prescribe new products and processes, which come not only as a threat to businesses, but also an opportunity. It is always the responsibility of marketing to predict and respond to such environmental forces through research and innovation, to help minimize the negative impact on the business. Marketing and Supply Chain form the foundation of every organization. They are the agents of value creation and value delivery. Therefore, any organization that does not consider these two activities critical for its survival is likely to fail. 

The misconception is that many organizations today think marketing is the same as public relations, advertising or publicity. Similarly, they think anyone can be put in charge of procurement and supply because it is just purchasing of items for the organisation. In view of this, many organizations are not receiving value for money and losing their clients.
Marketing and Supply Chain Management are interesting and dynamic fields of study, providing opportunities for choosing among a wide range of professional and attractive careers, including branding, operations and product management, professional selling, marketing research and stores management. The courses in this Department are designed to develop world-class marketing and supply chain professionals who lead organizations to create value whilst protecting the wellbeing of people and the planet.

The Bcom (Marketing) programme targets individuals developing careers in marketing, sales and corporate strategy. It is meant for students to learn and develop skills required for the management of the marketing activities of modern-day business. The courses in small business marketing and digital marketing help students to develop careers in entrepreneurship. Furthermore, graduates from the programme are well prepared for further academic work at the postgraduate level and with certified professional bodies locally and intentionally.  The Bcom (Procurement and Supply Chain Management) programme trains people to develop careers as procurement officers, operations managers, logistics managers, and supplier relationship managers.  It also prepares them for private sector purchasing roles and public sector procurement posts. 

The Department considers the changing environment and the demand for postgraduate programmes that develop and challenge analytical thinking. The Master’s programmes of the department are designed having in mind today’s manager as a multi-faceted professional in leading their organisations. The programmes consist of relevant general education courses, business administration and electives in the related area of specialization. Furthermore, students are exposed to more of competency-based learning. Students are taught the concept of independent study and information search in their business research courses and the dissertation or thesis they submit at the end of their study. This knowledge helps a student to play a critical role in the success of their organization. The regular MCOM/MBA/MSC is mainly a full-time programme. There is also the sandwich or inter-semester break option. It is also worthy to add that our MSC/MCOM in Procurement and Supply Chain is a accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programmes are designed for students seeking academic careers in teaching and research in tertiary institutions and research organisations. Students are exposed to cutting-edge tuition comparable to what pertains in any top-class university in the world. They are taught to think critically, question the status quo and in developing new knowledge. The PhD programme is full-time with an estimated time of completion being three years. The programme is research-based with series of seminars, presentations and assignments. The Department has a blend of faculty who studied in top class universities around the world. Furthermore, they research and publish extensively in various fields of marketing, procurement and supply chain management. Moreover, the Department works with adjunct professors from both local and international universities as well as industry experts. Using its experienced faculty, the Department offers professional training and consulting for organisations in the following areas:
1. Customer Care
2. Business Modelling
3. Developing Strategic Plans
4. Marketing Plan
5. Business Plan
6. Conducting Feasibility for Organisations
7. Logistics Management
8. Stores Management
9. Procurement management
10. Grants and Proposal Writing 
11. Conducting Market Research Surveys

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